Rubbish Trip with Dotmaker Tours

Wow!  How do you plan a day like this?  It felt like the first real day of spring and there I was, actually heading out on a Sunday morning for a guided walk.  You have heard me eulogize about Dotmaker Tours before – and if you haven’t, you haven’t popped by here often enough (best quickly redeem yourself by at least reading this about a previous Dotmaker tour I have done).

This Sunday saw the inaugural Dotmaker Rubbish Trip.  We circled in the sunshine from our starting point at Mudchute and ended up in Greenwich via the foot tunnel, via Mudchute Park and Farm.  A most peaceful point was the calm and sunny Millwall Dock.  The sky was ridiculously blue and the water so still!  As we went, Rosie our tour guide threw out ideas about the history of rubbish, and the people who picked it up to make a wage from it.  We talked horse, dog and human poo and thought about the future of waste.  To know more about the content of the tours, of course, you’ll have to book yourselves in for one.*

Along the way we saw lots of local fauna (not just in the farm) and generally basked in Rosie’s enthralling stories in the fantastic weather.  It was a really nice group of explorers spanning different age groups and backgrounds.

It was low tide and when we got to Greenwich we even walked on the beach (although I think Rosie knows more about these sorts of things and called it the foreshore).  It was especially interesting to learn that some of the debris we saw and could pick up dated as far back as Tudor times.  Lucky to have a local potter amongst the group who could identify the approximate age of some of the ceramics!

As we stroll optimistically into spring (whoops just jinxed another month of fog and frost) please do check out one of these tours for yourself.  Hopefully you will also get the weather to go with it.  Time for me to book myself onto the Chimneys and Tunnels walk.  Who’s coming?

*Dotmakertours run a variety of original, interesting walks.  See here for upcoming dates.  As Time Out magazine said last week:  These Dotmakertours are a load of rubbish.

High praise indeed, but very well deserved.

7 thoughts on “Rubbish Trip with Dotmaker Tours

  1. This sounds brilliant, I have just joined their mailing list and am going to email your post to my husband. On glancing at their website, it looks to be just weekends – but I think worth taking a day off work.

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