This really is the end of an era

7 job titles
6 line managers
3 offices and 3 postcodes
loads of desks and departments
umpteen structures
a fair few CEOs
(I reckon it’s in good hands at the moment though)
1 administration
1 redundancy and
1 resignation.

I originally began at Habitat when I was referred by my very good friend (who left the company many years ago but is still happily enough my very good friend).

Today I am leaving. It is 12 and a half years on, a decade and a quarter, from my late twenties to turning 40 last year, through 2 babies (now no longer babies) and 1 wedding. In many ways these were my formative years. But now it’s time to move on, see what else is ahead.

I can only repeat what leavers have said before me (I’ve seen a few), which is that, on top of the work stuff I have learned, my greatest and most treasured asset is the people I have met. I am pleased to say that I have only really known one hateful person in my time there! The ones I will remember and keep in touch with are the special, brilliant, kind ones – many have left already, many are still there.


I have also met two of my best friends in the world.


wedding day

I won’t get slushy. Who knows – my new job (working for 2 of the aforementioned bosses) might not go as well as planned and I might have to start grovelling to try and get one of the 7 job titles back again.

We had an End of an Era party just over a year ago when the original company split and was bought out (you can see more here). But now, at least for me, it really is the end of an era.

Thanks for (most of) the memories and for (all of) the samples.


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