Hatton Garden Christmas

As Christmas approaches, Hatton Garden gets busier.  Men are shopping late for Christmas presents for their loved ones, many loitering in front of shop windows and some even entering the forbidding and highly-secured doors to the showrooms.  Women are doing it too.

I love the way time doesn’t seem to move on in this area.  Maybe this isn’t surprising for a place which has been a centre for jewellery merchants since medieval days.  I don’t know HG from earlier decades, but it feels like we are stuck in another era and it doesn’t even look like London.  The Christmas decorations definitely haven’t moved on.

I also love spotting the orthodox Jews striding around the streets or gathering to chat.  They are the ones selling here of course, not buying.  I have also spotted a few with their yarmulkes on carrying presents wrapped with Christmas messages.  I guess we all come to celebrate Christmas in our own way.

This week I celebrate a year of working in the Hatton Garden area.  I only have two more weeks left to work there.  It has been fun and I have spent many a lunch time gazing into shop windows too, marvelling at some of the prices, and trying to imagine the real world behind the film Snatch.  It is very different from where I used to work (see more here), it is very different from where I am going to work (more on that in later post).   I will miss it.

Farewell Hatton Garden.  Happy Christmas to all, whether or not you will be opening diamonds or precious jewels on the 25th.


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