A blur of Santas

On Sunday we witnessed a blur of Santas in the park when we went to support Team Habitat in a fundraising event for charity.

It was almost impossible to spot our Santas in amongst thousands of others of identically dressed ones. The children soon lost interest when they discovered that none of these jolly chaps or chapesses were about to give them any presents, and got back to their normal practice of climbing trees (yes, the same trees I climbed as a youngster).

But despite spotting everyone with my own eyes I am told that all of Team Habitat finished their quest of running 10km for charity, dressed in full Santa regalia right down to the beard and hat.  The target was raised, which at the time of writing means over £1000 to the company’s chosen charity partner, Teenage Cancer Trust.  This was some serious sweating, and some proper effort, and while some of the more athletic runners were dodging the prams and the dog walkers to get good times of around 43 minutes, others were running for an hour and over in not very breathable, not very secure outfits, hats and beards, the latter ending up around one ear or over one shoulder instead of around the chin.

Greenwich Park was its usual beautiful self, with just an extra sea of Santas in it.

Well done to Chris Sheard and the whole of Team Habitat!  There is still time to donate here at Team Habitat Santa Run.  All money goes to the Teenage Cancer Trust, which does amazing work for teenagers with cancer.

If you are interested in unusual fund-raising activities undertaken by Team Habitat this year (especially one where I was a participant) don’t forget to read The Secret to Walking on Fire where you will learn … well, I won’t spoil the secret.


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