My first march: Save Lewisham Hospital

If you know me, you’ll know that I don’t do marches.  I’m not usually stirred up to have political discussions, and I don’t usually protest against stuff in case it might (god forbid) make me look impolite .  But yesterday it didn’t matter that it was the worst weather we had seen in ages.  Nothing was going to stop me from having my voice.

I joined thousands of others in the wind and rain to march through Lewisham to protest against proposed cuts to A&E and maternity services at our local hospital.  You can read more about the facts in many other websites (try Andy Worthington  and Save Lewisham Hospital).  For me this was an emotional afternoon.  I wasn’t the only one who felt passionate about the cause.  It was clear from the groups around me that people of all ages and races felt the same as I did, even down to many of the motorists and bus drivers who beeped their horns in support when finding themselves trapped by the march.

I was there to try to repay Lewisham for what it’s done for me over the years.  A short 40 years ago I was born there myself.  More recently my family and loved ones have been ‘saved’ more than a few times within its A&E wards.  Others (tragically) have not been saved there but at least they had a chance.

It was not a political choice to go on my first demonstration, this to me was common sense.  I am scared at what might happen to my own community if these crucial services are sacrificed.

Apologies for the photos.  That’s what you get, marching with a camera phone on a dark wet day.

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Please join our fight and sign the petition at Petition to save Lewisham A&E and Maternity Services.


6 thoughts on “My first march: Save Lewisham Hospital

  1. When I heard about what is proposed for Lewisham A&E I was amazed. Unfortunately, this will be happening at lots of other hospitals too. Well done for marching in protest. I hope you have been listened to. Good luck, we are all in this together x.
    PS. The photos capture the mood of the day.

  2. Lewisham Hospital is loved by so many people – well done for marching in that awful weather! Let’s hope some good comes of it.

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