Family Safari in Greenwich

We are thrilled to be participants in the first official Family Safari walks run by Dotmaker Tours next week.  Dotmaker Tours lead their intrepid explorers around parts of South East London and point out the original and alternative details on buildings and in the area that are usually easy to miss.  The walks are usually primarily intended for adults, but the Family Safari is the first set of walks devised specifically for younger children (five year olds and over) to enjoy, and they take place next week when it’s half term.

We have been especially lucky as we got to have a preview tour a week or two ago.  We learnt a lot and (more importantly) the children (7 and 5 y/o) and I (grown up age) loved it.  The photos below hopefully don’t give away any spoilers, but please allow yourselves to be inspired by some of the fantastic views you will see if you join one of the tours.  No better reason to have an educational stroll around historic Royal Greenwich… Just get to it quickly, as Wednesday morning’s session is already sold out.

For more information, and to book, see the link here. You can also subscribe on the Dotmaker Tours home page for more news when more walks are announced.  And if you prefer to walk alone, at least without any kids, new adults’ walks are in the making for 2013.  I for one am putting my name down for London in Slow Motion.  You might fancy Rubbish Trip.

Disclaimer:  I am advertising so hard because the Family Safari is a fantastic walk, but I am also a very old acquaintance of Ms Dotmaker herself.

I can personally guarantee that you and your fellow safari-goers will learn at least one thing, which you can’t say every day of the week.

3 thoughts on “Family Safari in Greenwich

  1. How nice of you, Hatty! Anyone interested in coming, do book ahead as places are limited. Both Wednesday and Friday are now sold out, but there are still tickets left for Monday and Thursday.

    Rosie (Ms Dotmaker)

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