Twitter Kitties

I’ve still not fully made up my mind about Twitter.  It can fully get on my nerves.  But it has its moments, and I love its instant news-giving, information-sharing side that connects you with other people in your (physical or mental) area.

And I have never loved Twitter as much as I did last weekend when in a roundabout way it brought us our two new kittens (WARNING:  turn away now if you are more of a ‘dog person’).

We had been looking for kittens when I first saw a tweet a few months back showing a bunch of gorgeous kittens looking for a home.  I expressed interest at this point but this little lot were all spoken for.

On 17th August the same mother cat had another litter of 4 kittens.  I was absolutely delighted when my Twitter friend told me that, after coming close last time, we were first in line for the kittens this time.  In the litter was a grey kitten and a black one (and two white ones).  Tweets had turned into emails, and I quickly emailed back words to the effect that we would bagsie the first two please if that would be ok.

Even better, the lovely cat lady said she would deliver the kittens to us, despite living a good 80-90 miles away from us.  And she didn’t need payment.

It all seemed too good to be true.  But it wasn’t.  The day finally arrived, the kids were almost as excited as me, and the kittens were delivered direct to our door.

They settled in almost immediately.  I expected a lot more hissing and hiding, but we had purring and cuddles from pretty much Day One (particularly from the female cat, named Sophie by my daughter).  Rex (named by my son) took another day before cuddling up to me, but we are a week on now and the two of them are adorable, fluffy and sweet.  The kids are getting used to handling them gently, and the cats are getting used to being handled not so gently.  The kittens are running rings around us all, including the Tyrant of the house, who goes all soft when he talks about them.

The kittens’ little sister has gone to my mum’s and has settled straight in there too, not perturbed by the dogs or other cat.  And their fourth sibling went to another Tweep, and seems to be warming hearts in the same fashion over at @chezmummy’s place.

Chances are, if you have got this far through this post, that you might like to see a photo or three.  This post has taken so long to write because it’s been hard whittling down them down.  Underneath this writing you will be able to see the kittens in some of their cutest poses, undertaking some of their favourite mouse-chasing, ribbon-twirling, straw-attacking and bath-balancing games.  Our slightly chaotic place does not seem to faze them either; they have settled into their new surroundings and onto their new owners’ laps already, and as I write they are sound asleep for the night in their drawer under the children’s bunkbed.

I grew up living with both cats and dogs, and we are not long without our last cats, but it’s funny how quickly I had forgotten how cats can really make a home.  As the kids said today, there are 6 of us in the family now.

Towards the end of the slideshow you will see our old cats Otis and Dennis – blue and brown Burmese who looked grey and almost black.  And you were wondering why we chose the grey and black kitties.  Also take a second to spot a very fresh-faced hattydaze from 1995.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This post is dedicated to the most kind and lovely Tweep @audreyseptember.  Thank you, Ruth, our family (of 6) could not be happier. xxx
PS  Do not contact Ruth to get hold of kittens, she is not planning to have any more kittens for now!

Also, we will never forget that the Twitter kitties arrived the day after Danny Boy died prematurely (there he is below, in the middle of a very big hug sandwich).


12 thoughts on “Twitter Kitties

  1. *gasp* they are precious!! Beautiful kittens. And that was such a lovely, lovely thing to read on a Monday morning, to know that there are still kind-hearted, selfless people out there. I wish your newly extended family all the very best 🙂 x

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