Listen to a Londoner: Hatty Uwanogho

Fame at last! With thanks to Little London Observationist.

Little London Observationist

DJ, mum, blogger, photographer and born and bred Londoner, meet Hatty Uwanogho.

LLO: Where are you from originally? 
HU: I’m glad you asked!  I am a proud south east Londoner, born and bred. Can’t seem to think of a reason to leave, have untold reasons to stay.

LLO: You’ve been writing in your blog Hatty Daze since mid-2011. What’s it about? What makes it worth a visit?
HU: Hattydaze is about life from my point of view so it’s based on my main interests – music, photography, London, my kids (though not in a ‘parenting’ type of way).  Since starting to read blogs I have realised how I don’t like to read too many words, so that’s why I ended up posting more pictures than words.  Sometimes I just post photographs of things I have seen while going about my way to and from work.  It’s worth a visit as you never…

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