Meeting Fiddy in Avebury (not Wilshire) Boulevard

I wanted some new headphones.  Big obvious hip hop ones would be good (since I’m a small middle aged lady).

I love an incongruous combination of people and places – or people and things.

Add the above together and what do you get?

In other words?  Me meeting 50 cent in the atrium of my company’s HQ in Milton Keynes.  I know from these photos it could be anyone.  I mean, give your phone to a stranger and you can’t complain about the results.  You’ll just have to believe that it was really me (the one in the stripey shirt) and him (the other one in the stripey shirt with the whiter than white grin and the blingy medallion).  Exchanging headphones and banter like it was the most natural thing to do in the world.

But, to read your minds (and I’m guessing here that you don’t give two hoots what he actually said back to me, plus I was gabbling too nervously to listen anyway), do the SMS Audio ‘Street by 50’ over ear headphones live up to my glowing review last October of the gorgeous sounding DJ1 Ultrasone headphones?  If you didn’t read it then, please do now: Music is for sharing…except if we’re talking about the Ultrasone DJ1 headphones?

Will mums of teenage boys across the country be berating me for encouraging them to add this stylish but not cheap piece of audio equipment onto their Christmas stocking wish list?

Will you buy in to SMS Audio’s own tagline Don’t hate them because they’re beautiful? (after you’ve vomited, naturally).

How do they rate against the ubiquitous and similarly hip hop producer/musician endorsed headphones Beats by Dre? (try saying that quickly).

Basically, do they sound good and are they worth the price tag?

Well in one answer, they are so big that they barely fit around my ears (especially when I have my specs on) and they also make me look  an absolute tool.  In another answer, they are so bassy, that even In Da Club sounds like it could do with something that is not just bass in there (I don’t think there’s a way to equalise them but please let me know if you know any different).  For my last and best answer, they are signed by 50 himself in silver pen – yes he did it right there and then as I watched, in fact that’s him ‘doing it’ in the very photo above.  So at least I know that, on that day when I find myself destitute, with no need of a pair of bad boy headphones and in the tv studio filming Four Rooms (or more likely at home flogging my worldly possessions on Ebay), I will have exactly the proof of origin for anyone who wants to ply me with fistfuls of money to buy one pair of the rare, signed Street phones by 50 Cent in blue – one careful lady owner.

With thanks to my boss who will remain anonymous for encouraging the work skive that enabled me to pick up my headphones in person, rather than sit at work wishing I had gone.

PS.  For anyone who even tried to understand the title of the post and who happens to be of a pernickety nature, OK you got me, 50 Cent is a NYC boy, not an LA boy – Wilshire Boulevard is the main artery of LA, not New York City.  But 50 Cent has made films, and he’s American goddammit, so I think it’s a tad more likely that he has cruised up Wilshire Boulevard before, and is possibly less likely in a statistics way to be found having a drink in the All Bar One in Milton Keynes.  And if you still don’t get the MK reference, Avebury Boulevard is the main artery of Milton Keynes where this all happened.

Thank you for your patience and do please comment if you have a favourite and less ostentatious pair of headphones!

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