After the huge climax, I have finally made it over the hillock of 40 and have to admit to feeling … relief, contentment and optimism!

Basically I wanted to accomplish two things on my 40th birthday:  celebrate with as many nice people as possible (tick) and look ok while doing it (I don’t mean as I celebrated – I just mean in general and all that).  I have had enough surprised comments at my age this week to make me feel that I probably don’t really look 40 – or maybe it’s more that I don’t ‘behave’ as one ought at this great middle age (so let’s make it a semi-tick).  Not that I ever expect to feel or look like a ‘grown up’ like the older generation just naturally did when they were so young.  And if we want to talk genetics (as I so often do) I shouldn’t be surprised because my glorious mother doesn’t look her age either, and if little else I do remember her mother always having fantastic peachy skin.  So, even if all those compliments were just everyone stretching the truth, I will take them, and they made me feel good, and now all there is left to do is embrace the fact that I am now 40.

I have been wondering what this post would be like for ages now, flittering up and down with emotion at the mid-life crisis I was about to have.  My conclusion now I am here is that 40 just isn’t that old anymore and it is obviously all relative.  There really is no point being jealous of the youngsters for their youth.  We all know it’s lost on them.  They will always be younger than me.  But I will always be younger than those other people who are older than me.  Ask anyone, whatever their age – they feel the same inside now as they did when they were [insert younger age].  Even poor Aaliyah knew that Age ain’t nothing but a number.  Although I wouldn’t take much advice from her even if she were still alive, since she was talking about messing round with R Kelly (who at the time still preferred young girls to jeeps).

For a quick potted history in images, I’ve gone from this…

…via this (roughly half way)…

to this…

Thank you for remaining with me as I age although it is highly likely that I start to write on more age-appropriate subjects.  My next post looks at how not to dress like mutton (ah but if only I knew!).

Here’s to the next 40.


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