St Paul’s and over

I was inspired by @Eliza_Do_Lots and her post St Paul’s Cathedral to tell you about a walk I did recently round St Paul’s and over the wobbly bridge back to the south side.

St Paul’s has had a bit of a hard time itself recently, what with the Occupy London protest at the beginning of this year and the encampment on its grounds.  However it was still looking its noble self when I saw it one Friday evening a couple of weeks ago.  St Paul’s crops up in lots of my photos of the London skyline and, even though its height has now been dwarved by surrounding towers and buildings, it was the highest building in London for over 250 years (1710 to 1962).  It is still amazngly impressive and the views as you leave it and walk down towards the river and over to the Tate Modern are superb on every angle.

Come and join me on my walk.


8 thoughts on “St Paul’s and over

  1. Lovely photo’s.

    St Paul’s is my favourite London landmark.

    Have you read The Phoenix by Leo Hollis? It tells the fascinating story of the re-birth of St Paul’s following the Great Fire.

    1. Thanks, Lesley. Me too. It always makes me stand a moment and stare. I really must go inside one day.
      No, I haven’t read The Phoenix but thank you for the tip.

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