Today marks an important date for hattydaze:  this day a year ago I started the blog.  Happy birthday hattydaze!

On 16th June 2011 I was so innocent about what I was starting.

I thought writing a blog would be about… me writing stuff down, putting in some photos.

What I didn’t realise was that, in order to write a blog, you have to read blogs.  As much as you can.  This led me to understand the ubiquity of blogging, I don’t mean the magazines, the companies, the brands, I mean the ‘amateur’ bloggers like me.  I guessed at it when writing my first post a year ago, but it was only when I finally joined Twitter (two months ago) that I really started to see just how many ‘normal’ people were doing it – meaning, in their own time and for the love not pay of it.   Twitter  is a strong community for bloggers, who presumably all know what it’s like to blog and therefore know how helpful it is to give feedback, share support, and generally interact with each other.  Quite apart from the thousands of blogs written by parents of small children about being parents of small children, the majority of which are mums, although some fabulous ones are written by dads, there are blogs now on all subjects.  They can be informative, beautiful and very very funny.  They can also be unappealing (to me) and totally annoying!  You soon know if you want to read on, ‘subscribe’ or ‘follow’ or plain exit.

Reading blogs has hopefully helped me to write a better one.  By that, I don’t mean that I set out to write on crowd-pleasing subjects – I have just sorted out my Categories and they are just subjects that interest me.  However I don’t want to bore you either and, beautifully elite as you are, dear audience, I would be overjoyed to attract more of you.  What I mean is that I have mainly learnt not to waffle on – this post is not a great testament to that fact.  But I have tried to write a blog which I would like to read.  I started off a bit too much by writing essays, long and fairly complicated stories on certain events.  Maybe sub-consciously I thought it would land me a job as a music writer.  Even I can’t re-read some of those posts – they are just too long.  Life is too short.  I try now to be more succinct and let the photos or the thoughts speak a bit more for themselves.

Hattydaze has brought out different things in me, one friend has said that it reminds her of ‘how I used to be’ before having children and when I had more time to indulge my interests.  Those interests inevitably fall away a little when you have babies – and mine came pretty quickly one after the other – but now that my youngest is 5, I have regained some time for myself.  The children do feature here, they are a major part of my life and I do find them ceaselessly amazing and exhausting, but having now read some brilliant and clever blogs about being a parent, this is not the place for another, inferior one.

Looking back at the year gives me a few surprises.  I talk a lot about music, which surprised me a bit, not because I didn’t know that I loved music but because it has hardly left room for some of my other favourite things like film and theatre and carrot cake and tea.  All in good time, readers, and worry not, as you know already, the blog is not restricted to one subject – which is probably also the reason why I don’t have an obvious audience.  Indeed, there might well be a post about carrot cake and cinemagoing coming up.  I have definitely been pondering how to tell you about my student days in Manchester.  I just love the freedom of writing whatever the hell I want to.

You might wonder about that unspecified audience and if I get many hits?  Well, compared to others, no I definitely don’t get the size of readership that other blogs do, for some of the reasons above.  But for every single view in the Stats page, or every time any of you comment here or in real life on something that I have written, my heart swells with pride.  So thanks to you, dear and patient reader, keep on tuning in and here’s to Year 2 of hattydaze.

Hattydaze name necklace by Tatty Devine http://www.tattydevine.com/


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  1. Many years ago your English teachers said that you would be a good writer – how right they were, and how proud they would be !!

  2. Belated Happy Bloggy Bday Hat!! Like you’re mum and your English teacher (was it Trigger Gun who speculated on your future??), I too am very proud of you for having so much to say, so articulately, so interestingly and so engagingly……. you’re amazing. Love Beccy x

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