London Reads at Deptford Lounge – 22nd May 2012

Craig Taylor, Tom Jones (not the singer) and Christopher Fowler were all at Deptford Lounge last night to talk about their ‘Londony books’.

It reminded me of my passion and hatred for this big city and told me that it’s ok to be like this about our capital.  As Craig Taylor said, you can have a ‘complicated love affair’ with the place.  As Tom Jones said, ‘it can be a battle’.  Crime writer Christopher Fowler talked engagingly about the place, and life in general, and I found myself wanting to discuss London’s wide and varied curiosities with him, in his recommended London location of the pub.

Mostly the authors were enthusiastic and as enthralled with London as I (usually) am.  Tom Jones has written a website for some years dedicated to new and original things to do in London:  Tired of London.  He posts a new thing every day.  Today’s thing to do was Maintain your bike with Islington Cyclists’ Action Group.  Yesterday’s was Attend London Reads at the Deptford Lounge (tick).  I fully agree with the point that when you live in a city, you generally know of some fantastic things to do ‘another day’.  Tom Jones reminded me to grab that day before the chance is gone.

Deptford Lounge, the wonderful new library, seemed to be the perfect place to sit discussing London, the random illogical nature of its neighbourhoods and the fact that you find the rich living next to the poor.  As we listened to the authors we saw just such a selection of random people walking past the big glass windows, who in turn looked in on us.

It was a balmy evening, one of our first (hoping for more now) and the shiny goldenness of Deptford Lounge worked its effect on me.  I bought a copy of Craig Taylor’s Londoners and asked the softly-spoken Canadian (I know, he’s not from here) to sign it.  Craig Taylor spent 5 years meeting Londoners and listening to what they had to say.  The cover states ‘The Days and Nights Of London Now – As Told by Those Who Love it, Hate It, Live It, Left It and Long for It’.  I can’t wait to read it and to indulge my love/hate for my maternal, home city through the voices of all of these other Londoners.

Thank you to the Londonist for organising and chairing the event.

8 thoughts on “London Reads at Deptford Lounge – 22nd May 2012

    1. Can’t comment as can’t concentrate on any book at the moment but I must say I loved the instalments I’ve already read online. Both yours and Craig Taylor’s look like addictive, true tales and are next on my reading list. Plus both are signed which makes them more special, and then yours is a precious 1st edition which has already been re-printed so will be worth loads one day 😉

  1. Lucky you to meet Christopher Fowler. He is a favourite of mine and describes such a fascinating London . I’m not a Londoner so I am quite interested in all things London.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I didn’t know of him before (though he was very familiar!) but having heard him he was so interesting I now want to read one of his books. Do you have any suggestions on a good place to start?

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