It is all about the Money, Money, Money (Make Me Wanna Holler)

I’m no economist but I’m aware that the world is going through a bit of a bad patch in money terms.  Mr or Mrs Average is paying more for energy and food, and pay rises are nowhere to be seen (if you are in work, that is).  Rather than deliver a speech on the subject, being obviously ill-equipped to do so, my goal is to pass around the funk for anyone who is feeling a bit cash-strapped.  In other words, I present the soundtrack of having no money.  It makes it seem less bad.  It also reminds you that having no money has always been a problem, it is not just about our times.

In order of appearance, I give you the following.

Take one a day for a week to ease your gloom at having no spare cash, and feel uplifted because you are in good company:







1994 (Parental Guidance required)

Please note the above list does not include cover versions, although I doff my hattydaze to Simply Red and The Flying Lizards for some close running up (imho) to the above originals.

Also, don’t complain that Money Money Money is not included.  No, Benny and Bjorn, you are not allowed in this playlist.

Final thought.  5 out of 7 of these songs have brackets in their titles.  Make of that what you will but do comment if you have a view as to why this might be.  I’m flummoxed but in a nice warm grammary type of way (if you know me, you’ll understand).


4 thoughts on “It is all about the Money, Money, Money (Make Me Wanna Holler)

  1. I obviously have no musical cred, as Sandy keeps telling me. But I’d love a bit of Benny and Bjorn to help me forget about the woes of the world, dancing around back to back, wearing thigh high boots and blue eye shadow!

    I think the brackets in song titles are artistic license. The song title is for the DJ, the brackets are for the message (pain/emotion/irony/sarcasm etc).

    Lesley x.

    1. You don’t need any ‘cred’, just to enjoy it. I don’t mind a bit of Abba in its place but I don’t generally listen to it at home. Love to get some comments, thank you Lesley x

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