Return to the Elephant

I have found the most photogenic place in the world.   I can’t stop going back there.  Look carefully below and you might find hattydaze herself.

Skip to another post if you don’t share my fascination in this little urban corner.  If you do, press Like or, better still, leave a comment.  Then share my fascination with your three ‘Fs’ (friends, family and followers).

If you missed my first visit, check it out here.

From Platforms 3 and 4, Elephant and Castle


12 thoughts on “Return to the Elephant

    1. No you need to go further down- read to the end Adeline! 😉
      The main estate with the ‘Here’ and ‘Now’ is being demolished so will stand empty for years.
      They are rejuvenating the area little by little…

  1. I bet not many people are as interested as you are about the Elephant and Castle. Interesting photos.

    1. Delighted to bring the urban skyline to you in lush Surrey. I don’t think S London is quite ready for you! If you do ever change your mind, let us know in advance so we can spruce up a bit. X

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