Somebody that I Used to Know (instrumental version)

Gotye and his song Somebody that I Used to Know continues to wow the world.  From his home of Australia and through Europe it has now moved on to the USA and gone even more totally mad.  It even returned home to me when my husband declared that he did now like the song, despite having ignored my going on about it months ago, and had even downloaded some remixes which he likes along with the original.

I wrote about the sweet and simple song and video back in January when I was surprised at its 47 million views on YouTube.  It’s now May and that same video is on 196 million views and rising.  It has been covered and parodied and its covers have been covered and parodied, over and over again, and not usually to my great delight.  The good news is that the best cover that I have heard and previously featured on hattydaze, by Walk off the Earth, has won WOTE a recording contract with Columbia Records.  It has hit 102 million views on YouTube, and was the most watched video on YouTube in January.  I have to also ‘out’ their infamous and now famous Beard Guy as a keyboard player and vocalist named Mike Taylor who might soon quit his day job as president of Gateway Freight Systems in Burlington, Canada due to the huge success of their song:–band-s-keyboardist-a-youtube-superstar

Out of the billion covers I have seen, I am only going to show you two, which are in themselves worlds apart.  The first one is a parody of WOTE’s version by Key of Awesome and actually made me chuckle.  Note:  in order to chuckle too, you need to have seen WOTE’s version first (see my previous post called More Gotye (Walk off the Earth) or be a traitor and do a search on YouTube):

The other one is a more serious affair.  Gotye himself sent out the link on Twitter this week, saying it was a lovely gentle instrumental cover, beautifully arranged.  Just right for a grey Bank Holiday Sunday.  Enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Somebody that I Used to Know (instrumental version)

    1. Ha ha, I am lucky, I don’t listen to much commercial radio or I would probably be well over it. As it is, I limit listenings. Amazing the way it’s ‘gone global’ though and absolutely agree about it being a personal journey. Thanks for comment, you know it makes all the difference!

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