Cheer up Tunes

It doesn’t matter my mood, there are some tunes I can hear and I am immediately perked up. No vodka needed (although doesn’t hurt the mood, if it’s the right time of day).

I can hear these anywhere and I want to turn up the music and do a jig.

In these grim economic times where people are getting really sad and jumping off platforms in front of trains and having to collect food parcels and even siege situations (all of which appeared in the news this week), it’s time to share some proper feel good songs.

These are just a smattering of mine. I make it a bit of a mission to have songs to go to when in need of a cheer up. The 7 tunes below work for me today, and they should work for a while to come. They might differ from yours, but then maybe you can send me some of yours and we can all cheer each other up.

Use the following when feeling gloom or disgruntledness.  Find, put on and listen.  Even try one a day for a week.  It will help.  It might even make you forget the rain outside.

I know this is a very personal subject so in case none of the above have worked, try doing air percussion, horns and flute to the last track without getting a grin on your face.  If you can, you’re almost certainly beyond hope.


16 thoughts on “Cheer up Tunes

  1. Haha..awesome. I randomly played the third track and it was the perfect lenght and rythme to help me go through the washing up. So I’m saving all the others for this week since our dishwasher has died – this will help. I was pleased to discover also that i can wiggle and wash up at the same time. Oscar seems to like it to (the music i say). x

    1. Excellent strategy Rez, I do hope the one a day will sort you out through the washing up. If not please shout and I will find you some more – but I hope the washing machine break down will not take longer than a week :[ Wiggling and washing up sounds like a perfect Sunday afternoon pastime. x

  2. Hi Hatty,

    Frank and I especially liked listening to Two Door Cinema Club whilst building something (!) with Megablocks this morning, we liked so much we listened to it twice x

    1. Excellent news, I listen to it over and over sometimes. Happy song, even has uplifting optimistic message! Which can’t hurt on a grey Saturday. Great to have you visit, btw – as well as seeing you twice in one week :0)

  3. I dont think I have heard of any of these tracks,so I will give them a spin,my mood is baddity bad at the moment so hopefully they may improve things,if not I will carry on stuffing the biscuits in uncontrollably

    1. Give them a go, but simultanteous biscuits won’t hurt either. I’ve also just published a post of some more summery songs (Happy May) so could try those otherwise… Hope the mood lifts 🙂

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