It’s Spring Again

I’ve been waiting to post Biz Markie at the right time, and been tempted a few times already by some bright sunny days.  I’m still not convinced that it’s really spring again, but it’s certainly going that way, and I reckon the fun is largely in these moments, when you start to notice the small changes.  As with all changes of season and light, I’ve grabbed my phone as I’m out and about to snap the lighter nights and the springy skies.

I always like March in South East London, as it reminds you that you don’t need to travel to Tokyo to enjoy cherry blossom in springtime.  Although that’s nice too, if you get the chance.

If it carries on like this, I might have to do a Biz Markie and hire me a golf buggy or a realistic looking grey wig and beard to go with my red breeches.  At least it’s not your standard 80s hip hop video.

Hilly Fields

Jerningham Road

Cherry blossom

Cherry picker taking his job literally

Sliding fun

More sliding

Hilly Fields slide

Take my hand

Going together

Daffs at Kew Gardens

View from the 172

Next view from the 172

Skeehans corner

The Shard going up

Kitto Road sunset

View from the Hill


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