More Gotye (Walk off the Earth)

Two people talked to me about Gotye yesterday.  One of them had not seen the post I’d written on the blog and was just raving about the song herself.  The other one urged me to check out the cover of Gotye’s song which has been done by Walk off the Earth.  Watch it here and marvel at the fantastic journey you can take from one song to another via the behemoth that is YouTube!

Quite clearly, it’s the guy with the beard on the right who is the cult favourite.  You can even buy a t-shirt with his picture on it (it’s cleverly called ‘Beard Guy’).  Personally, I think he’s either Eric Cantona with a pretend beard or Noel Gallagher’s separated at birth twin.

Part of the appeal of YouTube for the billions who use it is that anyone can post their own video:  ‘Broadcast Yourself’, it proclaims.  What I find bizarre is that, for every parody of the original song by Gotye that I can find, I can find endless more of its cover by Walk off the Earth.  So many versions, from dads with their children, to the more controversial Asian group of friends obviously doing it for a laugh but who along the way incited all types of racist comments and jokes.

Spookily enough, the video for Somebody that I Used to Know by Walk off the Earth has been seen by 47 million people (or by one person 47 million times).  This was exactly the point at which I wrote about Gotye’s original video the other day.  Gotye and Kimbra are now up to 61 million views.  In the words of Ladies Love Cool James, it’s something like a phenomenon.


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