Quiet time

Excuse the silence.  I have mostly spent the time since my last post on New Year’s Eve feeling overwhelmly like I will never have anything else to say to the world.  Not that the world is listening to hattydaze!  but the only way to overcome the feeling is to keep on saying something.  Even if the World Won’t Listen.  Morrissey, I know how you feel!  Not that I have ever written any classic pop songs like you have.

It is mid January.  We are almost universally feeling a bit gloomy:  we’ve eaten the last of the holiday treats and are trying to de-tox, we are back at work with not many holiday days to go, we’re trying to remember those old routines or (in my case) find new ones.  Pay day is not for ages and it’s actually – finally – gone cold.  Not surprising that the prospect is looking a bit bleak.

The thing to keep in mind is the one good thing about this time of year.  It will get better.  Days will get longer, brighter, warmer again and those of us with jobs will be paid again.  At school this is now the Spring Term so, you know, one day it will even be spring again and, the speed things go these days, it won’t be very long.

In the meantime, hold on to whatever it is that is keeping you going (hat, music, camera, puppy, new shoes, child) and try to just hang on a bit.  2012 is still warming up, there is still room for optimism, but there is also a need for patience.


11 thoughts on “Quiet time

  1. I know what will get us all through….. Mothers Ruin! Please let me know when the next one will be, I promise to come this time, and I have lots of ladies round here who can’t wait to get their glittery boob tubes on! Bring it on Hat. Love Bx

    1. Ah young Beccy, I am pleased to note that you are asking about Mothers Ruin! Slight need to review the venue but I am on the case – and yours and Lisa’s comments are spurring me on to find somewhere soon. I will post details as soon as I have some! Lovely to hear from you x

  2. Lovely post lil step sis. Talking of D:Ream dotmaker – still getting over the fact that Professor Brian Cox played keyboards for D:Ream! If you do another Mothers Ruin let me know. Will get the girls involved, and im available to do an hour on the decks! Ha! Cant say my mixing will be up to your standards (its been a long time)….but who cares when you’ve got a bunch of girls, booze and good tunes. Great Blog as always hattydaze. xxxx

    1. I know big step sis, interesting the way people’s paths go. From D:Ream to Astro physics super tv presenter! Definitely keep you posted about Mothers Ruin. No need to worry on the mixing front as I don’t mix, I just place one tune after another. Nobody seems to mind. Always keen for other fellow djs to join so yes will let you know… btw love seeing your new name in print Mrs Webster xx

  3. Hello Hatty, how is the new job going? it probably feels weird… love to come and have a look at your blog and btw love the picture of your 2 little ones!! Fred just started his blog too, he is working on a new project and hasn’t got any more colleagues, he doesn’t feel as lonely…!!

  4. Yeah – January. rubbish!
    HOWEVER – the bulbs in the garden are sticking their green shoots out. There is life !
    The chickens have started laying again.

    1. I must say, we are desperate to have a cuddle with Pip. She looks like such a sweetie – enough to banish all January blues. So we might brave the woods again, but not at night. The Badger wink might not save us next time…

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