Here’s to happydaze 2012

It’s the last day of the year and I will not dwell any further on this odd year but I will just say how pleased I am that hattydaze still exists.  I know (very well) a few Doubting Thomases who don’t understand this religion of the blog and to them I just say, this is for me, not you!  It took me 39 years to write anything in public and when I first did it (on June 16th of this year) it felt thrilling and very brave.  23 posts later, I am still excited when I press Publish, and I love it when the idea for a new post comes to me.  I am not perfect at this, I am still learning and doing what I feel, so hang on in there.  It’s even better, of course, when I get any kind of feedback from anyone.  So keep on reading, keep on commenting and even – go crazy – you can press the like button too.

I will just finish with the repeat posting of this year’s favourite photograph.
Health and happydaze for everyone in 2012.

Upside down at the Laban


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