Festive greetings from hattydaze

I have been loving snooping into other people’s Christmas Days.  That sounds creepy, I only mean my friends on facebook, but I love noseying into what you have all been doing.

Brought up as nominally Jewish and practically atheist, we never really ‘did’ Christmas.  I’m sure that’s what makes me double intrigued now about other people’s Christmases (though I do have one double bah humbug type of brother too, so it doesn’t fully explain it).  Since having kids myself I have enjoyed starting up some new traditions for Christmas, following some old, and rejecting any which I think are silly.

My main fun is to be had in getting rellies together.  This year has been a pretty good year for that as we have had lovely family from NZ over, which meant a bumper lot of cousins in one room.  The children have done even more hugging than usual.  (Pretty please can we request the last set of cousins from Singapore for next time?).

You’ll also see it’s been a lot about the dinosaurs and the Angry Birds.

For anyone who would like a nose, here are a few shots of the festive get togethers with friends and family which we have been enjoying these last December days.

Firstly, God Jul from the Swedish Grotto.

trying to blow out the candles

hug with Dulcie

sharing heart napkins

in the Swedish grotto

admiring the tree

the Very Hungry Caterpillar (but who's reading to whom?)

cinammon biscuits

the gang

biscuits for all

And secondly, some family reunions, starting with the Feleppas, Kirkups and Uwanoghos.

Spot the golden angel in the middle

plus Eisenbergs and a Botu

just the cousins

all of us bar the photographer?

Just the Kirkups and Uwanoghohohos (with one extra Uncle)

4 (grown) cousins

and their teeth!

in height order

And for some Christmas Day.

Angry Birds tees and toys

the 3 of us

new dinos for the collection

Chef is finished!

party hats

Who says children don't like sprouts?

Happy Christmas!


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