Pleased I did this (Part 1)

To all those out there who are waiting with bated breath to find out the answers to last post…Event 1 was generally deemed to be a ‘success’.

Here come my answers.  I’d love to hear yours if they are different.

Most people realised that to get one free drink’s token was pretty good in the situation.

However, it did surprise me how many people feigned a shocked exclamation on receiving one token that it only meant one free drink, then how many made the same lame jokes in not very jokey voices about taking the whole book of tokens for themselves or taking tokens for their non-existent friends etc.  It was only a tiny handful of people, however, who literally could not stop watching me across the room all night and hassling me until they got another ticket for another drink.  I’m not a huge swearer but this really brought out the gutter in me.  I soon worked out why I was getting compliments and everyone was being so sweet to me…

Our former colleagues came because I do believe they wished to be part of this reunion, not because they expected much when they got there.  It’s been said many a time but there is something good about a ‘Habitater’ – it’s what you miss when you leave (apparently) – and on Thursday night lots of the nice ones came back in force and it was great to see most of them.

I did hear the comment from both sides that oldies didn’t know newies, but there were enough of each to go round.  I don’t think too many people arrived to find no-one else they knew.

At times we definitely filled the basement room.  It was certainly hot enough around 7 o’clock that we needed air conditioning and people started to leave for the upstairs outside area (plus they needed to smoke).  Throughout the evening the IT crowd kept their bags in their favourite place (the pool room) and won various challenges there with Finance.  The crowd in the room fluctuated quite a bit but, going by the drinks tokens I had given out, I would say we had at least 100 to 120 people there.  This is a pretty good turnout for a usually bah humbug type crowd at a Habitat work ‘do’.  And there were a fair few more who didn’t even come downstairs.

present and former lovely ladies reunite

We had a limited amount of mingling by the new managing companies.  It was definitely felt that this evening was for the old skool, not the new, even though all were welcome (and had contributed to it financially).

The room was fine – the bar was a bit makeshift, the barmaid a bit slow, but she was charming and put up with us and all of our broken glass, which is an advantage.  The fairy lights meant you couldn’t quite make out the shabbiness in the dark, but nobody seemed to mind the issues with the speakers and the dvd which kept getting stuck.  Nor did they really notice when the music went wrong (me pressing the wrong button or the app malfunctioning all on its own), so I’m not sure why I tried so hard to play something that someone would like.  But I can’t help it!  And Blake liked the music, thank you Blake!

I’m almost certain that Owen did too! (thank you too, Owen, for helping to co-ordinate).

me and la belle Rez

I can’t say much about the food.  There was some, I didn’t get any, I saw a plate of chips and heard someone say they had tried some pitta bread that was rock hard.  It was the thought more than anything else.  It probably wasn’t only me who had to eat something on leaving (Poppies fish bar) or on reaching home.

So to get back to the DJ question.  Regis (thank you, by the way) cleverly picked the early slot so that nobody would heckle his clever remote control house music.  I was fairly happy to come on after that but NOBODY danced (thank you, Lee, as I know you were the main exception.  Indeed, if you had not enjoyed the party, I would have been devastated, as you were looking forward to it the most and the longest!).

me and Blake

I fielded the repeated war cry of ‘have you got any eighties?’ with increasing impatience, trying to explain that I had played a lot of things from that decade, but possibly not exactly what they wanted.  What they wanted, I naively realised, was embodied in one song: Dancing Queen by Abba.  How relieved I was that Lee had it on his Ipod – he could play the last song!  Best was when I stopped trying to please and just played a few tunes which I enjoyed at least.  Good thing I had made a last-minute itunes purchase of Rihanna’s Only Girl in the World.  I think that’s when the dancing pictures were taken (also, thank you Blake for the photographs).

I think a couple of people might have wanted to hang the dj.  But I apologised to anyone I had been rude to, they were not offended (just tipsy) and, to be honest, I think they were mostly there to have fun shooting the breeze with old colleagues.

So to get to the end of my answers, yes, I am pleased I did this and, going on what other people have said, some other people are too.