Party planning

I’ve gone a bit quiet as you might have noticed.  I’m extra busy with work, the Christmas term at school, kids and ironing (the last one’s for you, Mum).  But I mainly feel so busy because I’m also planning two very different events which are happening in the next two weeks.

Both are pretty much my idea.  Both involve me doing most of the organising as well as ‘entertaining’ (playing music) for part or all of the event.  And both are giving me the jitters since I have no idea how either of them are going to go – so it’s totally on my head if either or both of them turn out to be damp squibs.

I am not going to imagine (here) the hundred different types of ways in which these two evenings can fail.  I will use a retro text the nation stance and look back upon each event after they have happened.  Today I am just going to ask a few questions about each one:

Event No 1 (takes place this Thursday):

How many free drinks does it take to make someone happy they came?

Do our former colleagues wish to come because they wish to reunite with old chums or because they are expecting lots of free booze? (linked to first question)

Are they mad expecting any free booze, since they know at least a bit of what has been going on since 24th June? (otherwise known as Administration Friday, a day I will not forget in a hurry, especially since it coincided with my daughter’s 6th birthday and a rather forlorn tea party when the dog ended up with the cake) (linked to both first questions)

Bad Monty

Has the invite ‘gone viral’ and is the party going to reunite all the oldies in a loving and giving way, or will it be such a random collection of old people that no-one will know each other?

Will we fill the basement room of the Water Poet?  Will we even be able to find the door and navigate our way down there behind a throng of people in the upstairs bar?  If the accustomed drinkers of the IT department don’t know that this room exists, I cannot be sure of it myself, despite having glimpsed it with my own eyes.  Or will it just be me, Regis and 19 people from Customer Services?

Will the notoriously hard to please Habitat bunch decide to boycott it or (worse) come and complain just because it is a work party (although it isn’t, not totally)?

Will the different ‘parent companies’ all mingle happily together in nice bonding fashion, or will the ‘grown ups’ prefer to leave us old skool Habitaters to get drunk one last time together before some of us depart for French rives and others to not sure where?

Will the stylistas look down upon the shabby chintz of the room with the dusty chandeliers and speakers which don’t work very well?

Will there be enough nibbles to satisfy?

Will the DJ be the usual prime receptacle for the lary Habitater to vent his frustration?  Will the disappointing cheese board and one too many lagers be too much for him, or will he manage to keep to himself the fact that he wants to hear S Club Seven or ‘something we know’?

Will the crowd of partygoers generally manage to exercise my own deeply held mantra:  Remember the DJ is a person too!  Or will it be a case of Panic on the streets of London?

Will anyone be pleased I DID THIS?

Event No 2 (takes place next Friday):

It’s my and, now that it’s happening, what shall I play?

How will I manage in my solo début as Mental Floss, without the enveloping hug of the Dino Collective (ie my husband)?

Will he still be able to jump up and check the amp is not at a totally stupid volume or stop me from switching anything the wrong way?

Can I stop myself from turning the power switch off at exactly the wrong moment?

Can I play the right sort of music that a nice crowd of friends will not just be nice about and say they liked but that they will actually enjoy?  Nothing too ‘ravey’, nothing too ‘Perry Como’ (although I am considering Magic Moments), stuff you can still hearself speak over?

Will people I don’t know come too?

Will they be as forgiving?

Will anyone be pleased I DID THIS?

I am hoping to answer one if not more of the above questions soon.  Tune in after Thursday and then again after the following Friday to see if I was pleased I DID THIS.


3 thoughts on “Party planning

  1. NIce one Hatstand. I am looking forward to hearing how that turned out. I was DJ for my brothers Fiance’s 21st way back when. He kept coming to tell me what to play & ask me to play stuff he liked, (which is rubbish) HE got all cross when people didnt flock to the dance floor when the speeches had finished. I pointed out that they might be busy having a conversation which was why I was playing background vibes for a few tracks until I could sense it was time to boogie. We fell out. After he gave a patronsing speech about her I played the awesome ‘Master & Servant’ by Depeche mode which was lost on many but those who mattered ‘got’ the intended musical jibe at my bro. Ahhh Happy Daze Hatty Daze

  2. Hatty!! you are a superstar! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s party and as mentioned before as a proof of my gratitude for organising this the first koala hug will be yours. Obviously i’m not coming for the free booze – I’ll probably be off my head after a beer – I’m so curious to see who will be there…but i’m pretty sure it will be a super cool evening (unless you don’t play the Cure)..ha! Can’t wait to see you in Action (if i can find the place). And i’ll possibly see you on the 2nd to! i might wear a wig so you don’t recognise me – beside i think the flyer mentioned some free olives?? big kisses and well done you. see you demain cherie xxxx

  3. Hey Hatty, very nicely written. Good luck with your jigs. I shall try and turn up tomorrow, just to meet old colleagues. Have to say i drink Coke or Lemonade, so definitely not coming for the booze. And cant dance to save my life so just a bit of chit chat with those i know will make my day.

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