Autumn term feeling

OK OK forgive me for posting a first day back to school photograph but I have always loved this time of year. I don’t mean since I’ve had kids, and with the symbolism of the children getting old enough to go to school, and with their looking super smart in their miniature clothes (but check them out down there).

First day at school

I just like this autumnal time of year with the air full of possibilities – new term, new friends, new university, new town, new weather… Who knew what you might learn that term?

Back to a routine after weeks of slightly aimless floating.  Back to catching up with friends who have been away. The leaves are falling but everything else seems to have promise to me.

Just because it’s an odd and unsettling time for me ‘this term’ (although it’s been a while since I had a term myself) I refuse to feel down about it.  We have had a quick change of weather these past days, but now I am used to summer being over. Even more reason for me to feel excited about the impending weeks and months, as there is going to be change.  And there needs to be!

Roll on Autumn term and all that it brings.


7 thoughts on “Autumn term feeling

  1. Too right Hatty! Autumn is great!
    …new start, new everything (new baby for some 😉 …lovely colours in the trees, and yes…I can stop shaving my legs….I mean know.. 😉
    See you around at the Hollands for an autumnal cuppa and bikit xx

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