End of summer

I get the feeling everyone’s feeling a bit gloomy today.

We are back from our family holiday where the sun shone every day and we swam and ate delicious fresh food on the beach.

Back in the UK, plans have already been thwarted by the rain, moods are irritable, parking prices are extortionate, and it’s back to real life.

School starts this week (tomorrow for my daughter, and on Thursday my ‘baby’ boy starts Reception).  Will soon be back in the routine of finding clean school uniform, daily, this time for two.  And then there’s homework, play dates, and school clubs to contend with.

Also back to work this week for me where I expect to find out that I still have no news on the imminent date for redundancy (or is it worse to find out that the date is known and actually soon?), and that several more people have resigned, and several more stores have closed.

I need to find a job
or decide where to start looking
or what to look for
or find a hitherto unknown rich old rellie and find a way to bump them off for their fortune.

It’s definitely the end of summer.


2 thoughts on “End of summer

    1. Mmm yes, thanks Ms Dot Maker, sounds like a nice career but I will only follow Manny around taking snaps of him so I don’t think that will earn me much money! This term is a bit of a write off but once I know if I’m left with enough spondoolies I will definitely look into courses… x

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