Dino Collective live at Space, Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza – 14th August 2011

Oh yes, hadn’t you heard? The Dino Collective played a brilliant set at Space in Ibiza last week. Or was it just a fantasy of mine which I spun one night as I lay half awake, wondering why you can’t go to a club in Ibiza and hear any music you know.

Let me re-phrase my fantasy. You might be an aficionado of Balearic house or European techno or whatever the hell it was they were playing for about 8 hours on Sunday, and know exactly which tunes you were hearing, and no doubt you would have been loving it all. We, too, were loving it. The place has ‘history’ (just read their website), it has aeroplanes zooming over your head on their way in and out of Ibiza airport whose runway

this is not Space this is the sun almost setting

is only 5km away, and there are thousands of other people there having a great time dancing about and posing and generally ‘larging it’.

However, I can’t see what is wrong with being someone a bit more like me in musical terms. And I’m not saying I only listen to Abba and Kylie Minogue, though there is some room in my record box for them. I consider myself to be a pretty big fan of music and I like whatever I think is good at the time, can be funk, can be hip hop, can be pop indie house etc. It does not need to be obscure, it is far from comprehensive or new, but it is wide-ranging and it is good. Yet I could only tell you at most two songs which I heard and recognised on the night I went to Space. For the record the first one was At Night by Shakedown which Space ‘legend’ Alfredo played up on the Premier Etage. I loved seeing Alfredo mainly because he was old (and I mean even older than me or my co-partner and husband in the Dino Collective put together). I didn’t like him for any other reason because, even if he was old and played in these clubs in the 80s, he just wasn’t that special, and he didn’t smile once. I do like DJs who smile (see Funkagenda below). The second song I recognised went ‘it’s gonna get it’s gonna get it’s gonna get higher’ (still don’t know what it is but by golly I’m going to find out). All 14 of us liked and remembered that song since it was the climax of the best set of the night in the Terrace (smiley Adam of Funkagenda) but none of us knew who it was by. No doubt I will come across it sooner or later, which is the fun way it goes with music-hunting.

What I am trying to say is, a nice slice of stuff that somebody might have heard before might have been nice to hear in amongst all the housey mayhem. Yes, I once was that person whose first criteria of cool was, if everyone else likes it, it’s not cool anymore. But I’ve grown up now. Now I think a little bit of what you know can be a good thing. I’m not writing this because I’m trying to big myself up or publicise the little known but well-loved Dino Collective. I am writing this because our selection of tunes makes everyone get down, even when they don’t know they want to get down. They don’t need to be taking too many mind-altering substances in order to enjoy the beat, they can dance because they like the music, or even because they know it and know that it sounds good. We play a right old mixture of things, and some of those things would have dropped nicely in the middle of all of that house. Something like a track by Axwell, David Guetta – When Love Takes Over perhaps? Alright, it has sold a few copies, but what about Tinie Tempah (Miami 2 Ibiza would have been perfect)? Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake – porque no?! OK OK maybe something like this was played and I missed it. Definitely possible. But I was listening out for good music for hours, and I didn’t hear that much of it, and I didn’t have to call Shazam once.

I’m not trying to suggest that a ‘usual’ mix as per the Dinos would have been right at the Terraza or the Salon or Discoteca. I am not saying that Nancy Sinatra or Barrington Levy or Toots Maytal would necessarily have worked on any of these dancefloors. You don’t pay your euros to listen to Dean Martin or the Bee Gees, although I have to say that I would have jumped higher had I heard any of these. You pays your money (more on this later) and you expect to find a liberal sprinkling of house music when you enter one of these clubs. Anything less and you would be risking an influx of Dear Space blah blah.. Yours miserably of San Antonio type letters from Euro ravers.

Please don’t think this is a case of sour grapes either, grown out of me coveting the cool, well paid life of the super DJ. At first sight the existence of the super DJ looks glamorous. You bring thousands of people in one room to an ecstatic high by playing music, you are paid what one imagines to be oodles for the pleasure, and you lead a jet set life flying in and out of the White Isle, if not staying there for the whole summer. But playing music for a living is not necessarily as easy as it looks, many of these DJs work and play hard at it for years, and only gain celebrity when they are really good at it. On top of normal lives and jobs, the Dino Collective has to think about childcare for 2 little people if they want to contemplate a night out at the same time together, let alone the added complications of time out to rehearse, money to spend on records (though magically this always comes from somewhere), carting equipment around or making sure sound actually comes out of the speakers. I do not claim to be able to mix 2 songs together properly, let alone to do it in time every time for a full set of a few hours. We have been known to play for many hours at a time, once with only 1 needle on 1 turntable and sometimes just 1 of us (the Collective wasn’t well named on that night), and after a few vodkas the timing might go a bit Pete Tong, but at least we are not having to satisfy hundreds of clubbers. My way is to fling a song on and then put the next one on which I judge at the time will go well. It might be a good way to go, but doing it that way it’s not going to earn you much dosh.

The money issue is an interesting one. Not only do you get to hear some songs you might know if you hear the Dino Collective, along with a few you might not, but you also rarely have to pay entrance to get into the pub or party. Compare that to entrance into Space (60 euros on a Sunday), alcoholic drinks (14 euros each), teeny bottles of water (9 euros for about 2ml).

We do it for the love of it! Whereas the Sunday night session is actually named ‘We love Space’. It is all about the club.

I had a fantastic time at Space on Sunday 14th August. Of course I did, we were 14 girls all out together having a laugh on my step sister’s hen do (big kiss, Lisa, thanks for everything). But no, I stick to my guns. Clubs should be mostly about music. The music should be good. The Dino Collective, along with other DJs in the world, prides itself on playing The Cult next to Britney Spears, next to Prodigy next to Dennis Brown. Variety really is the spice of life. But if any promoter from Space or any other of the élite Ibicenco clubs is reading this, I do not mean to belittle you. And if you are interested in the Dinos doing a little residency in summer 2012 (to coincide with my turning 4 decades, which is still a few decades younger than Alfredo), well, feel free to email me through hattydaze and we can talk business.

2 thoughts on “Dino Collective live at Space, Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza – 14th August 2011

  1. Ahh Hat, youre getting old, luckily you are too young to stand demanding proper disco tunes as well! Great piece, next time we have a proper party, you’re on the vibes. xx

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