Funny thing happened today

Well it felt a bit odd to me.  Came across something I had written in the public domain.  Totally didn’t recognise it or remember writing it and it actually came across as fairly ok and a bit serious and generally not that bad (I triple checked to see whether it had actually been written by me, but by then I had recalled doing it).  It was a review for a little known or read book which I had posted on Amazon years ago.  In fact I just checked and I wrote it in 2001 – 10 years ago!  It reminded me of the lengths I go to to avoid being ‘slick and glib’ – 2 words which my old English teacher told my mum I was in a parents’ evening at school even longer than 10 years ago.  I don’t think I ever grasped the meaning of those words, and whether they had been meant as a compliment back then, but I suppose I have always tried hard not to be either of those things.  They sound a bit slimey.

Well, you will have to tell me.

I know you are wondering about me being serious and not that bad.  Here it comes.


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