My take on it all

Funny thing is, you have an idea and only then realise that you are the 1000th
person to have that idea just that very week.
It’s been a bit like that with this blog.  Since I decided it was time to start
writing one, almost everyone I come into contact with has either started one
which is much more full and interesting than anything I feel I am about to
write, or has been doing one for years without even telling me they were doing
There’s even this thing called photoblogging which sounds just down my street and
without even knowing what it is I want to do it.  Yet some people have been
doing it for years and they are only like about 22 years old.
I suppose it’s my age.  I am trying to be ‘down with the kids’ by joining the modern
world – but actually maybe I don’t need to pretend to be a kid.  What is reassuring is that many other bloggers seem to be not 22.  They (or shall I say we) are all ages, with
all sorts of interests, and many of us do some sort of ‘normal’ paid work (well, that may not be for long in my case) whilst finding time to post on their blogs at the same time.
As for the content (or should I say, what I am thinking might be the content, as I haven’t really started yet), well it is all covered already – my interests are well documented all over the internet – is there space for more musings on any of the below:
London, South East London, photography, thoughts on life, music, film, my search for a
job, my amazing children, being me.  Ah!  The latter sets it apart I suppose.  It’s my take on it all.  Really, I wish I’d never stopped writing my diary.  Maybe then at least
I’d have something to publish one day.  Think of this as my diary protected by
password (and only 1 subscriber who knows of its existence)…but if it does get interesting, then who knows…?


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