Hattydaze Day 1

In some ways it seems amazing that I am finally writing something.  In more ways it just seems odd that it took so long to get here.  Me, who goes on about liking words all the time, but never till now finding the courage to write any down anywhere.

Anyway, what am I going to write about?  I have bought a few books on this very subject, but before I read them, I will just write.  That way, like sage Rosie advised, I can see what happens and whether writing might feel good or not.  I know I shouldn’t use the passive voice a lot.  That’s bad and confusing.  I will also read what Stephen King has to say on writing.  After all, tomorrow may be a day when we find out our fate (or sort of) and Habitat may make its mind up to ditch a few of us.  I really hope that (besides causing financial ruin for myself and my family) that it at least gets me out of that non-inspired, unmotivated place and into a new place with good vibes and some different opportunities.  Anyway, look at me, now I’ve started, I can’t stop!  See you tomorrow.


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